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A couple of suggestions for the website Answered

When I click on an article in the email and come to the site, it looks as if I'm logged in but nothing works because I must log out and log back in to make the site recognize me. The email click should bring me to a login page and then take me to the clicked-on article.

Also, adding something to a collection is awkward, with the roll-down top bar coming into view only when you scroll down and then stepping through several clicks. Compare how natural it is at thingverse. This is how it should work.


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

1 year ago

I ,like some other already tried to create feedback, bug reports and suggestions.
Sadly the response from the support is still a hit and miss.
No sticky for any of this either, so finding information on what was reported or suggested already goes missing too.

Only real thing that might still work is to contact the support directly by Email.
Be as precise as possible and include as much information on the problem as possible.
Like OS, browser, what exactly went wrong or fails to work at all.
If you get a reply that is not automated you know you did what you could.