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A few Arduino questions...Does the Chip get wiped of any code when you rewrite to it? Answered

Ok my first question about the arduino.
  • Does the Chip get wiped of any (uploaded) code when you press the reset button?
  • Does the Chip get wiped of any (uploaded) code when you write to it?
  • Is there a way to retrieve (uploaded) code on the chip?
  • Does the Chip lose its (uploaded) code when you disconnect it?
If the Chip does not lose the previous batch of code does it keep it all in there?
That's all, I couldn't find it on the arduino site...so that is why i asked here.
Edit:I have another question, Check the comments for it.


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Best Answer 11 years ago

Yes like all PIC chips the new programme overwrites the old one.

The PIC chip will provide about 20ma generally so if you don't exceed this then yes you can drive directly but a transistor or ic drive such as a 2008 darlington or a L293 H bridge would be more usual.

there is LOTS of useful information here http://www.picaxe.com although for a different PIC system the general issues cover PIC microprocessors and what they do and how they work still apply to other systems such as Arduino


Answer 11 years ago

...thanks i guess...


11 years ago

Also One more Question
  • Can I connect motors directly to the arduino? if so how small do they have to be?