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A little Distractor Answered

I tried to post this to the iRobot Create group, didn't work the first time. Hopefully 2nd time is a charm:

Well, it's been a while waiting for this, and It's not quite over yet. So I had this little idea to keep us a bit busy.

In the group, which do you consider to be the top 5 ideas? The ones you would vote for if you were a judge? No particular order. Only rule here is you can't vote for your own ideas.

So here are my top 5.
1) loubard's Plant Gardiner
2) zachinme's ChumbyBot
3) StepsOfTheSun's Tennis Bot
4) Kira_Koenig's Security Bot
5) SolamenteDoug's Lion (cat) Tamer

BTW, a disclusion doesn't mean I don't like your idea. There are a few ideas here that I think are really cool. There are a few ideas I think are really cool, but out-of-scope for the Create. Either way, I hope you'll post up your top 5, I'd like to see how our personal thoughts compare with each other, and eventually the winners.

Again, I wish everyone good luck in the contest!


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