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A mechanism that moves in the opposite direction of the applied force? Answered

I am building a camera rig, and I would like to be able to accomplish very fluid movements with it. I have seen all kinds of existing camera rigs, but they all seem relatively static in one way or another.

Simple bi-directional movement is alright, but something capable of vertical, horizontal and rotational movement would be preferable. If you push downwards, the camera moves upwards - that kind of thing. Even a material that is semi-flexible would work, as a rod to attach the camera to that would provide some sort of resistance, and a position to snap back to.

I'm not looking for the whole design, just a starting point if anyone has any ideas about something that already exists that sounds like what I'm saying.



5 years ago

What you are describing seems similar to an Alt-azimuth Mount used
with telescopes.

Maybe you could adapt one to fit your needs.

Josehf Murchison

5 years ago

What you are looking for is a gyroscopic stabilizer.

It is a ring inside of a ring.


5 years ago

A few things you can do:

1. A simple lever moves as you wish

2. Look up "Smart Grease" to get smooth movement.

3. Investigate how commercial solutions to your problems work - The internet is a great source of information readily available through pictures.

4. Friction joints

5. Steady cam - there are several projects on the right>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


5 years ago

Maybe some kind of system of the camera hanging from a rope. The rope could be pulled up or let down smoothly... and camera pushed any direction a few feet without too much upward sway (if the rope was hanging from something very tall). or a couple posts in the ground with a cable between them. Hope my picture loads to give you a better idea. Maybe that would suit your needs?


5 years ago

If the camera in an a belt drive then when you push down on the belt the camera will rise up. Just a matter of finding the right mechanics that will work for what you want. Be it belts, gears, or other means of transferring one direction of movement to another.