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A million ways to skin a cat. Answered

A Million Ways to Skin a Cat.

I have to say that one of my favorite places in the web is https://www.instructables.com. Waking up to that email on thursday mornings, the https://www.instructables.com news letter makes me happy im such a geek.
I love to read the peoples reviews and each individual point of view... those comments sometimes really get me going.... 
I have done a few DIY form this site but I guess I am not a forum/comment guy. 
(to be fair this is my first post on a forum since 2008)

And now...
to the

I invite https://www.instructables.com to help us geeks challenge each other while improving the site with a simple new feature.

A Million Ways to Skin a Cat
Basically get from "step a" to "step b" you an follow different approaches.  

A step or a process in an "instructable" may be improved or explained in any other way.
This feature  enables users to set there creations free and make all the community share there ways and get to the optimization of projects.   

Think of the search for a new project starting from a proces you already know. 
For example: using a DREMEL tool on wood. 
You could se many instructables containing this keywords, but what if you could see the process of carving wood, explained in detail on many ways, by many users. The user will share his method, and experience or simply pitch in with some new info or detail he might have encounter or needed during the process. 

On the GUI I imagine below the next step lower right button a button that says something like "MORE" or "A.A. (another approach"). This button coul also link to another instructable that has a detail guide on how to do the process at hand. 

Instructables will start to branch out and interconnect to form an organic and hands on detail database.  

Any ways thats my humble idea. I wish it helps this site to grow and keep helping people. 

P.S. Maybe you have another way, who knows if out there are one million more ways... 


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

10 years ago

I think I understand what you're suggesting and I think it could work. It would take a lot of work to do though.

Let me give a real example of where this would be useful.

ladybugrc posted a great recipe and I wanted to make it for my family but her recipe had ingredients that my family couldn't eat so I posted my modification in a comment. That's okay because my modification wasn't overly complicated but what if my modification took several steps to do? Currently I could create a new instructable, PM ladybugrc and ask her to put a link in her instructable if she was agreeable to it.

I think it would be a good idea if this feature was ever made part of the site, it should require that the author of  the ible being riffed on would have to review the riff and have the option of accepting or declining. This could lead to some hard feelings though if someone worked real hard on a riff and it was rejected.