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A min-wind turbine tower possibly tree like form Answered

The image above show the small windturbines I would like to use withouth the battery compartiment, or something like wise.

with the stormy weather, I was wondering if a vertical colum 3 wide, and say 3,5 m high could not be used to generate electricty. I then thought it would be better if it liked a bit like a tree, have a tree shape. So that in the bottom 0,5 m there are no mini wind turbines, but at the top end it would have tree like shape filled with them, all generating there bit of power and adding that to a battery system. As I consider it possible that to much power could be obtained, so the excess power would go to a kind of art installation.

I wonder how to fabricate such a small turbine myself, but also what windspeed it could have, and how much power each one could generate. e.g. could it generate so much power that it damages itself.

It may not be the most efficient form as that a small windturbine would do the same, but in total it would be flatter and with a nice color i´d like them more. I don´t really like the grayish color of those big ones they build along the road. The idea behind it is that you can then ´plant´ a forest of them.

The images are merly to given an idea.


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11 years ago

Problem is the more you miniaturize the turbines the more you run into a few problems:

Complexity:  Constructing a few little turbines wouldn't be bad; but when you look at filling a 3m tall 'tree shape' with them you start getting past the hundreds, possibly into the THOUSANDS of turbines.  if your 'tree' is 3 meters tall, say the radius is 1 meter on the 'circular tree area'...
thats 3.14 square meters of turbines up there...
each turbine is...8cm diameter = .020106176 meters square each
that means 156 turbines in each tree 'circle' part.

Small turbines waste area :  A single turbine can fill the tree area; or a VAWT can fill a large rectangular area.  Smaller turbines would only use something like 80% of the surface area, take the square and subtract the circle...  Some aerodynamics would have the extra energy funneled into the smaller openings, but a lot of energy would be wasted.  1sq m holds a .78 sq meter round.  

Smaller turbines I don't believe are as efficient as larger ones.  I don't have empirical evidence for it; but its pretty commonplace that power plants etc use larger turbines to avoid the mechanical inefficiencies of smaller setups.

I think thats it...