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A plan to build my own firm on tablet-pc's Answered

hi,i am viplove from india.
i belong to a middle-class family.
i am an final year engineering student.
i am really planning to build my own firm on tablet-pc's.
i dont have any idea from where to start and what to do,i only have a plan in my mind.
from where all the materials should be organised??
from where i bring money?? and how much this overall planning of mine will cost??

so,can i get some help from you in clearing by doubts????



7 years ago

To be honest this is one of those things where if you have to ask the question then you most likely can't do it.

Employ someone with the necessary skills.

You would be entering a cut throat and competitive market.


7 years ago

You, design them, then get someone in the Far East to make them. Or you get a huge investment an build your own factory in India.
You will struggle to compete with everyone else unless you can do something clever like rent them out or arrange credit / finance.
Whichever way, you'll need a lot of capital to start.



7 years ago

By firm I assume you are talking about a company that builds and sells tablets.
What is the service that your tablet will provide? Will it be much cheaper, do you have a big innovation that no one else is doing? Unfortunately unless you can do one of those things then you won't be able to compete with the established companies.

Apple buys their components in batches of millions at a time and so they get a big discount. You will have to pay much more for the same parts because there is no way you can afford to buy in the same bulk.

This plan will cost you a lot of money and time and most likely it will be wasted because the market is already dominated by a couple of large companies. I think a better plan would be to get a job working on tablets for one of these companies (Apple, Samsung, ASUS, Acer, Motorolla, etc.).