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A proposed projects for physics... Answered

hello there techies, the project USB charger was proposed by me to our professor in physics II. unfortunately he didn't accept such project HOWEVER he was happy. He just said that our project is not yet satisfying. He wants us to do a power inverter. We will buy a 2 6-volts battery and series it and it will output a 200+volts with a 30watts and then we will insert any charger such as a nokia cell phone charger and then voila, it should be charging. Do you think it is possible to do?

And another project I proposed is that we will make a REAL TIME CLOCK using a 7 segment. I already had a schematic from youtube. and it uses a decade counter ICs but unfortunately I think such ICs are not available in our country, can you help us sir? T____T 



8 years ago

The inverter is definitely possible. I don't know exactly how I'd do it, but then that's probably the first part of your project. This might be helpful: http://www.free-electronic-circuits.com/circuits/12-to-120-volt-inverter.html

The real time clock will be much harder, especially if you don't have many types of IC available.