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A question for the Pro Users. Answered

What makes being Pro User benificial to paying for the priveledge to you and which Pro User account is the best one to go for?



Best Answer 10 years ago

For me, it was about supporting the site, because I would hate to see Instructables go under (and apparently, what with the economy being in the tank and all, that's not such a far-fetched possibility).
(Admittedly, there was a discussion going on in the Pro-only forum that I really wanted to weigh in on, but I'd already been planning to sign up - that just moved up the timing of it.)

I took the $3/month option because, well, I'm a little strapped for cash at the moment; but next month I plan to renew with the $24/year = $2/month option.


Answer 10 years ago

Do me a favor. Next time you're over there drop a suggestion that a Pro Account should should get a direct link to submit. I mean, okay, hitting the tips ain't bad but I'm, you know, a Pro.....


10 years ago

Is there more than one type of Pro User account?