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A speciel stepdown converter? Answered

Hello guys of instructables!

I'm writing on this forum, because I think you the only guys that can help me!

My situation:
I'm from Europe (Nordic part), and our voltage/hertz is 230v 50hz - I think.

What I'm trying to do is using american clippers here in my country, but what I've experienced is that it really going to work because the magnetic motor in the hair clipper is going to make alot of noise and overheat, even tho if you used a stepdown converter (230v to 110v)

My request:

But yesterday i saw a guy on youtube which said that he had made a revolutionary stepdown converter, that would solve the problem and make american clippers anywhere in Europe - without overheating and noise.

Here is the video:  http://youtu.be/I2Ybj1BKjYk?list=UUpnyPxtX9XwOJZbN8qwVoLg
And here is a ebay link of the converter: http://www.ebay.ie/itm/181496829039

I think its a bit of a overprice (119.3575$) and I was wondering if there is an alternative, where can either make it myself or buy one as good as that one with same specs and quality..

I hope you guys can help me, I'm a bit of unexperienced guy when it comes to electronics so bare with me..

- josh


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