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A sunscreen that keeps you in the shade all day long Answered

I have been thinking about a suncreen that will keep shaded all day long. Rather then to move along as the sun changes position during the day, why not move the suncreen so that it always shades the same spot ?

To that end, and after some thinking the idea of a movable abstract tree like shape which projects shade on the ground, was come up with. It would be able to move, let the wind pass trough, and because unlike traditional suncreens it would not be a parasol, it would give shade but cooler wind is also possible.

Question remain though. Ho do you know which shape will give which shade ? As the screen would have to automove, a GPs with clock and arduino/wire would be needed. In a later step how to deal with excessive wnds would have to be included. There is also a possible cantilever mecanism and the weight of the whole thing. Also possible is to add a solarcell for the energy. As when one side is giving shade the other is pointing towards the sun.

So some of the mecanism for it could be used for other things.

I wondered if there is some kind of formula, algortirhm where you put height, surface area , shape/coordinates position of the sun, season in it, and the coordiantes of the area which should be shaded, and then run or show or find which shape would work best, but also to use in the arduino/wire.

The shade could be be like big leafs that cover each other, like thick crosses, which allow the wind to move through, or other things. Please let me know if this is not so clear.