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Im having my graduation this year in Australia and my group is in-charge of the decoration ideas, i want matching colors, im thinking gold,black & silver should be the theme colors, Anyone have any ideas?? 
PS: if you can also write what decorations i should add like balloons.



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A color theme is a good idea and I like the idea of gold black and white. Silver is good as long as you don't mix it with gold too much (otherwise it can look a bit tacky). 

Balloon lights are nice too. You can find them online. Buy in bulk (100 or more) and it'll be cheaper, just make sure they come with the button batteries (and that they work when you get them). If you don't know what I mean, just google it. They look awesome if you use them in balloons on the ceiling (either hanging or with helium). If you do choose helium, you'll want to rent a tank (its a lot easier).

How you decorate should take into consideration the room you're using. If its say in a nice ballroom, then the walls are probably fine. If you're using a gymnasium, you may want to cover up the walls somewhat. If you buy sheer curtain-like fabric to put up on the walls with clear mini lights behind them, they'll make the room look really nice. And since Christmas is fast approaching, see about getting donations of LED mini lights and gold tinsel. Check now even for anyone who may have any black tinsel, streamers, balloons etc left over from Halloween.

Make a focal point, like a stage or a podium area, or a dance floor and give that area a little extra decoration. You probably want a good photo spot, so consider a good backdrop so that people can get photos (plus you'll need a good photographer...

Here's a little collage of images to give you some inspiration. Google grad decorations and check Facebook and other places for photos from other grad's so that you can see what other people have done. Start saving images, notes, lists etc in one folder so that you can find things easily and keep yourself organized. Its going to take some time to figure out everything you need, how much, and then to get the funds to order it all, so its good that you are starting now. And if you assign responsibilities to other people in the organizing group, it'll make the job a lot easier.

Above all… HAVE FUN! :-)


Answer 6 years ago

Thanks soo much - you've gave me a lot of Ideas now


Answer 6 years ago

You are very welcome! (sorry for the late reply).

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Good luck with Grad! :-)