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ATC 1000 Helmet Camera -- On the riggers Answered

I let a friend of mine borrow the ATC 1000 helmet camera from the Magnet Challenge... I also let him use my 256MB SD card -- so he was able to get about 12 minutes of video at best quality outside(high contrast = less recording time). He started it really early - so he did not get the whole race but there's still some cool stuff on there (I edited out about 8 minutes). For a digital camera, it's not the best -- but it's pretty good for it's size and weight. And it handled the partially wet conditions like a champ :)

He attached the camera to the riggers (the part that supports the oar) on their shell (aka the boat). The white box thingie is a speaker to help out the coxswain (the person yelling commands, encouragement and counting off).

Video is cut short - but you get to see them start off in their power 10. At one point you can hear them catch their rhythm and everything makes nice sounds :P

Video is not as good a quality as the raw footage (too big to upload :P). I think this convinced my buddy to find one of these cameras too :P


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