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ATX Power Supply Conversion Answered

Hi Again,
My question is when building an ATX power supply, Can you join the 12 volt leads with the 5 volts leads to make 17 volts? If not how can I get lets say 20 volts.
I am going to use a DC to DC converter to make a variable power supply. I would like at least 20V in then I can adjust from 1.2 to 60 volts out.
I use it now running directly off battery but would like to add it to the ATX build case.
Thanks for any help again.



4 years ago

OK Thank you, I thought different question different answer. I have looked all over Goggle to see if there were any answers.
But I really didn't think you could do it but I am old and learning.

Thanks again


Reply 4 years ago

If you want something with half decent power get a chinese bench power supply.
0-30 or 40 volts with 3 or 5 amps under 100 bucks.
But anything above 40V will be hard to find and costly.


4 years ago

Put simple and short: No you can't.
But you can stick to a single thread to cover the same topic instead of opening a new ne with the same title.

Do some proper eading and use Google - 99.9% of questions can be answered this way....