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ATtiny85 memory and ATtiny2313 memory? Answered

Ok I just looked at the datasheets for my ATtiny85 and my recently bought ATtiny2313. The 2313 has 20 pins, and the 85 has 8. What I don't get is the ATtiny85 has 8000 bytes of memory and the ATtiny2313 only as 2000 bytes of memory!!? Why does the ATtiny85 have significantly more memory and it's only 1/3 the size of the ATtiny2313? I know this sounds silly but why? How can I find other chips like ATtiny2313 but with more memory? Thanks!



6 years ago

Just because the chip offers more I/O pins doesn't mean it's going to have more available memory. Atmel designs each chip with specific specs to meet certain goals. A chip like the 2313 is targeted for a market that doesn't need the extra memory and would rather same a bit of money on a chip with less memory.

Look at Atmel's catalog of ATtinyAVRs. There are plenty of ATtinyAVRs that offer 8K of memory with 20 pins. If you really want more memory then look at the ATtiny167 It offers 16K of memory. But doe you really need that much memory for a simple micro controller?


Reply 6 years ago

Thanks! I will check out these other microcontrollers!