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About Arduino Integration Program Answered

I have quite a number of different programs. All these programs are to check for different modules. For example, one program is to check for the functionality of LEDs. The other is to check for push button. Also, there are programs to check for switch and 7 segment. The problem i'm having is that how do i integrate all programs into one program? I heard that i can call function, but i do not know how to do it. Any kind souls please help me out. Thank you !




5 years ago

I usually run a master subroutine calling program....

If Your CPU has lots of memory
You could execute sequential code and multiple displays would reuse the same code over and over.
Sometimes this can be advantages if ultimate speed is desirable

As a rule a calling program is your best programming effort.
It does not take a lot of ingenuity to make subroutine components to handle most call response.



5 years ago

Those sketches are there to help you figure out how the different bits of code work. Once you have a good understanding of setting outputs high and low to turn on an LED or how to detect a button press and carry out an action you'll start to see how it can be combined to do more. Walk through the tutorials on the Arduino web site and you'll start to get the hang of things.