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About air compressor? Answered

I need good explanation on how air compressor works, parts of a compressor, how to calculate pressure of air required to lift loads . please help.



4 years ago

Most Air Compressors work like a Car engine, But in reverse.

Some sort of a motor (usually electric) turns a crankshaft, that drives a piston up and down. On the down stroke, pressure inside the cylinder is reduced and a one-way "Check" valve lets outside air enter the cylinder. On the up stroke, prussure is increased and the compressed air leaves through another check valve, positioned in the opposite direction. Here's a Link... http://www.popularmechanics.com/home/improvement/e...

As per how to lift loads, Refer to the formula Steve posted.

An pneumatic ram works in the same way, just without any check valves. The cylinder is connected directly to the air line with nothing impeding it's path. This forces the piston inside the Cylinder to move forward or back, Depending on what side of the piston you apply the force to.

You can calculate the fore that will be applied buy multiplying the pressure (PSI) by the surface aria (in Inches) of the face of the piston. Say 100PSI x 2.5 square inch Piston face will give you 250 lbs of lifting force.

Btw be sure to wear some ear and eye protection m-kay? Compressed gasses can hold alot of energy that can easily Hurt you ! Hope this helps out :)


4 years ago

Try Wikipedia.

Force= pressure x area, is all the relationship you need to know.