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Account / Contact Information Changes Answered

This sit is a love / hate relationship!!!  I love all the stuff on the site BUT I can't find anywhere to change my Account / Contact Information!!!  ALSO, is it me or does everything load really Slooooooooooow on this site???



4 years ago

For your info and setting, like the other person said, its all in the various tabs on your "YOU" page which is not the same thing as your profile page. Your profile page is visible to all, your you page is only visible to you.

A second way to get to the edit tab is while you are on the YOU page look at the left column where your picture is and at the bottom is a tab that says "edit profile". That will take you right to the setting also.

As far as it being slow, If you are using Firefox there have been some issues with Firefox and some plugins. (flash is one of them) It uses up lots of memory and resources and slows down to a crawl. This is not a site issue be rather a browser issue. Restart Firefox and it will make it better, but maybe only for a while. I have often been running it in "safe mode" with plugins disabled because of that issue. Having the "plugincontainer" crash every 10 minutes gets really annoying.


4 years ago

In the upper right corner is a "You" menu, open it and click "You page". Then select the "Settings" tab on that page - change what you want. (if you want to change the contact email, it is in the sub-tab "Change email" on the settings tab.

And the site loads just fine here.