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Acer travelmate 610 to slimline desktop conversion Answered

Ok i bought this old laptop from ebay for only 15 bucks, and has the following problems
1. Dead screen(but indicators work)
2. The plastic thing and the spring on the switch arent there so i used a cable tie then yank it back and forth to get it to boot
3. Non working battery
4. DVD drive has broken eject mechnism so need to remove drive, open top, load disk, close top then slide the drive back into the comupter(yes the disc drive is removable)

ok so what i want to do is to convert it into something like what myles_h did but as a slimline desktop pc meaning vertically and no screen

image 1 is a stock pic of the laptop and image 2 is a pic of the idea
im going to install windows me after having a look at vcamnowaa(youtube)'s success with said os as seen below or if not i'll install windows 2000 or xubuntu

here's some specs:
intel pentium 3
windows 2000 pro(i did not get the install cd)
256 mb ram
wifi(havent got it working yet)
smart card(need this to get past the bios into windows)
infrared irda

there's a later batch with windows xp and bluetooth btw...