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Acetone Vapor fogger project - Ultrasonic atomizer component Answered


I'm halfway through making MechEngineerMike's acetone vapor fogger (see attached pics) and noted that the ultrasonic atomizer componenet shown in the Instructable article is a metal encased unit. The one that I found in the same host product I purchased appears to be silicone-encased.


Q: Has anyone else built one of these and do you have any insight as to whether the silicone encased ultrasonic atomizer will work for this application?

Thank you for your time in reading this inquiry.



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1 year ago

The only problem I see it creating a proper seal.
The silicone won't be affected for a long time, once the transduce dies just replace it with a new silicone cover as well.
Good thing about the metal types is that even if the ceramics or the seal fail it won't create a leak.
The silicone ones simply place the disk into a silicone sleeve and pressure is the only thing forming a seal.
I would add a screwed on cover underneath that you seal with silicone once in place.
Easy to cut free but if you get a leak it won't ruin anything.