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Active low pass filter with at least 2 or more op amps Answered


Today i have a question,how to build own physical object like active low pass filter with 2 or more op amps...

Maybe here can Someone share projects,which i didint found here or in google... or maybe to share essential information about manafacturing or theory about these types of filters. Sorry for my English,Have a nice day! :)


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1 year ago

Why you want to use 2 OpAmps? Its normally only one...
For a good overview (Normal, Inverted, with amplification, ...) see https://www.electrical4u.com/active-low-pass-filte...
If you want a ton of theory and background-Info, try to digest http://www.ti.com/lit/an/sloa049b/sloa049b.pdf

If you really need to use 2 OpAmps instead of 1 (Why ever...) i suggest, you do first a normal active filter. Then, you feed theis filtered signal to a conditioning stage (Amplifier) with OpAmp 2. You may want to amplifiy it 2x or something similar...

Or... You could make a Third Order Active Low Pass Filter or even a Fourth Order Active Low Pass Filter.
That needs 2 OpAmps... See first link for how to build those as well...