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Adam Savage Mentions Instructables in an interview Answered

Albeit briefly, Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) , when asked for project suggestions for a 4.5 year old suggested instructables. Not really huge news, but I found it interesting.

(He mentions it at about 26 minutes and 9 seconds in to the video).

Not really sure what category this would go under, so I'm putting it here.


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7 years ago

That is most excellent. Even a passing reference, with something relatively unscripted, is a nice indicator that we're "known" as part of the broader maker community.

I must say, though, that ~0.8 seconds out of a 38:40 video reminds me an awful lot of Mike Wazowski's utter joy and excitement at being on the cover a trade magazine, despite having most of his face obscured by the UPC :-)


Reply 7 years ago

It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll. This was a start, with any luck he'll talk about it more in future interviews, or, better yet mention it on the show, though I doubt that will happen as he also said in the interview that they have to go so far as to obscure the logos on the car tires.