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Adapting LCD Active Shutter Glasses (3D Glasses) possible? Answered

Can you take a pair of Active Shutter glasses, ie. Samsung and adjust how fast the glasses are flashing (They usually flash around 92hz (48hz per eye), I was wondering if you could drop that down to 4-6hz per eye(8-12 hz overall)

Is this possible? With a the circuits and timers?

Any ideas on how to do this?



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2 years ago

Strange that you do not have a full two eyes or is there some overlap

I mean 48+48 = 96 not 92 ! ..

Sure every thing is possible, but you must be Very Attentive to be absolutely certain that the LCD shutters are activated or negated by a 50/50% square wave, or the LCD will de-plate your fine metalization in short order !

Easiest way to do this is for you program a microprocessor as a 2X fq clock through a pair of flip flops at the same voltages your scope shows, this lets you experiment on your eyes in fooling your brain to become a resident of flatland on day..


Reply 2 years ago

flatland some day