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Add Instructables Features: @user tagging and a "GIVE ME TIPS!" toggle Answered

More UI/website features ideas. Free to use and abuse, feedback welcome.

  • What if Ible's had the ability to tag a user in a comment? For example if I'm looking at a simple robot design made by a user, and some of Randofo's excellent simple bot content is relevant, then I could post a tip/question/comment tagging @randofo to alert him of the content. This could be useful to promote collaboration and increase user interaction on the site. Obviously users should have the option to turn off or modify their taggability, to prevent them from getting spammed.
  • What if there was a switch that allowed a user to turn on a public request for tips on a project? This would just be a little checkbox on the author options sidebar of an Ible that would turn on or off a little icon on the project thumbnail (on the bottom bar where the views and star options are already) preferably it would be orange to be noticed. I think this would be a great way for users to indicate that they actively need some help. Obviously a master woodworker posting a woodworking project would not necessarily need this feature, but a home tinkerer trying to figure out a difficult project would. I think this would really help increase the impact of the new tips feature.



1 year ago

The @reply feature is definitely on our radar while planning possible future iterations of the site. There is still discussion about the future of tips/questions, and we're looking to authors like you to define what you think the best use-cases for these features are.

I've bookmarked this for our next community meeting for further discussion.


Reply 1 year ago

Awesome! I'm glad to hear it's under consideration. If there's any other input I can provide, please let me know!