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Adding Mic Input to a Flip Mino Camera? Answered

I was looking to add a microphone input to my lilliputian Flip MinoHD. My current thinking is that I could just take the leads from the current, built-in, mic and run them to a two-position switch. From there I could then have a 1/8" input on one side of the switch and the original mic on the other. Then it would all be a matter of dremeling out a small spot for the input and the switch on the side of the body so that I could select which input to use.

First of all, I'd like to know if that would even work. I've done electronics work before, but have never worked with mics, so for all I know I might just walking down the pathway to a voided warranty and a bricked Flip.

Secondly, I was wondering whether there might be a method of bypassing the need for a switch, so that if there was no mic present the camera would use the built-in mic, and if there was, it would use the input.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I was a big follower of the original CVS camcorder hacking movement, and I'd love to see the Flip get the same sort of treatment.



PS: Does anyone have any pictures of the internals of the Flip MinoHD? I've been looking around but can't seem to find anyone who's dissected theirs.


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10 years ago

I tried to do this on my sony hi8 camera, there are some tutorials online for adding mic inputs. Basically, you clip the wires that run to the mic, then wire in a stereo 1/8" input, if you get a closed circuit jack (i think that's what it's called, but it might be open circuit) then when it's unplugged the circuit acts as normal and when something is plugged in the circuit is redirected to the input mic. Be careful, I had my whole the ready to go, then the unit stopped working, possibly for a static shock. Make sure you're grounded and discharged when ever to touch it.


Reply 10 years ago

Would your Mic have to be rated for a certain voltage or something to allow it to work? Sometimes when i am working with electronics, i find that my circuit will not work unless it is rated for a certain voltage or whatever. Do you know how i can tell what sort of Mic might work for my camera.