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Adding a Buzzer to the Turn Signal Circuit on Ford Pickup Answered

I have a 1990 Ford F150. The turn indicator lights are extremely small and well below the line of sight to the instrument cluster. More often than I like to admit, I will indicate a lane change or turn not great enough to cancel the switch; and the turn signal will stay on because I forget to cancel it. I don't like to see people like me driving with a turn signal on because it's unsafe. I need to fix this.

I've checked parts houses for an indicator replacement switch that makes a louder sound and found none. I'm thinking about adding a 70-80 db buzzer to the circuit such that the buzzer will sound when the turn signal is active. In shopping around for a buzzer, I've found widely varying prices and widely varying ranges of voltage that they will require.

I'm looking to keep this very inexpensive in case the idea doesn't work out (besides, I'm cheap!). I found a package of 12 buzzers for $7.00 designed for circuit boards that will give me 85 db sound pressure, but they take a 5VDC feed. The truck circuit is 12VDC. I have no idea how many amps they draw but it can't be much. I have very limited knowledge about electronics but assume that a 12v supply will burn these buzzers out if I don't lower it. I'm thinking that I could find the 'hot-on-indicator-on' wire, splice into it and run a wire through something to reduce the voltage (an old automobile cell phone charger, maybe?) then to the buzzer.

Is my idea feasible? Am I using a cannon to shoot a flea? I'd greatly appreciate, and be very grateful for, any and all suggestions and comments.