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Adding a PDF to my ible Answered

I'm trting to submit my first ible, and for some reason I can't seem to make my PDF file show up in it...

My ible is published at https://www.instructables.com/id/16-Pages-Pocket-Book-template/ but he PDF that's supposed to be downloadable with it isn't there.
While Creating the ible, I uploaded my PDF file, and it's now in my Library, and also in the Attached pictures and files window under the text box. However, it's not on the published ible...
How do I attach it?  It's a template I want pepople to be able to downlad.

Thanks for the help!



8 years ago


Try editing the Instructable, using "add images" to add the PDF file.

It would also be *really* good if you added photos of the finished project, and the steps you need to follow to turn the template into the final project.


Reply 8 years ago

Well, I tried editing the instructable several times, and adding the PDF....
I actually (on paper) have the same PDF attached several times to the 'ible and it just won't show up there.

Is the name of the PDF important somehow? When I DL other people's PDF they're all named with a bunch of random letters and numbers (like NH4FB5CGD7AU.PDF) or something...

I do intend to add pictures, but It's kinda pointless right now, without the PDF for download.


Reply 8 years ago

The name isn't important - the random letters are 'ibles own file names, assigned as you upload (imagine how many people have uploaded files called "template.pdf"!).

I'm moving this to bugs.