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Adding a field to mention cost? Answered

I think I have read many instructable pages and don't see that users mention the cost of the project. They do mention what materials and spares were used and where to procure them from, but I think that the uploading user should be requested to mention the  cost under the instructable, so that a new reader gets an idea of approximately how much money it is going to cost him apart from the time he has to put in.

A new field at the end of the instructable whereby the users may enter cost of each item listed or the total cost of all the items in the project. This will greatly enhance the instructable pages.




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6 years ago

I believe that there used to be buttons for degree of difficulty and cost when you went to publish an instructable. They do not appear anymore. I don't think they were used much and did not really provide a true indicator of difficulty or cost. It boils down to the resourcefulness of the user, whether the materials were found, substitution of materials, donated, free, repurposed, laying around, access to tools or computing power, availability in your locale, etc. Since there is such a wide audience, it would be subjective to assess the skills one possesses to complete the project.


Reply 6 years ago

Yes, there used to be the difficult and cost buttons, I never noticed they were missing until I had a very cheap 'ible but it was difficult - I couldn't rate it.

I think it has been removed because it worked in with the old rating system, users could sort by cost and difficulty.