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Adding extra buttons to an xbox 360 controller? Answered

I know that it's possible to add "rapid fire" mod buttons to an xbox 360 controller.  

My question is, is it possible to add a similar button, but just have it do a non "rapid" function.  As in a button on the back is just a shortcut to say the "Y" or "A" button.  Not that I want to remap the Y back there, but just it there as also working.

If it is, is there a guide out there on how to do it? 


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Best Answer 10 years ago

This is fairly straight forward. You just need to find where the leads from the button go. When you find the ground and the other lead that go to the switch, you can just wire another button the those same contact points. Then, it doesnt matter whether the original, the new, or both are pressed, either way it will complete the circuit.