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Adding multiple transistors to increase the out put power of an amplifier Answered

Say I have a sony amplifier of 500 watt but I like to increase the out put power to 1000 watt if I add more transistors will it work. How practical is this can this be done. Thank you

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Best Answer 11 months ago

The only feasable options I ever tried:
a: Get another 500W amp and bridge it to the existing one, gives then 500W per channel.
b: Replace the output transistor(s) to some of a higher rating but with simial characteristics - a lot of audio amplifiers come with transistors that have higher rater brothers and sisters ;)

Adding transistors to the output is usually a bad idea as it ivolves quite a few complex calculations.
In the best case you do get more power but with some added noise and other problems.
In the worst case it won't work at all and you have a chance to blow the pre-amp stage.

Liam Kriso
Liam Kriso

Answer 11 months ago

So the better approach is to build my own amplifier from scratch btw can we bridge a stereo amplifier I have a Sony XMN502 I read on some website only mono amplifiers can be bridged is this true. After hours of searching the net I found a schematic but I don't know how stable and distortion free will this amplifier be since I am new to electronics. Thank you so very much appreciated