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Adding photos to an instructable Answered

I am trying to create my first instructable but I can't get my photos to load. The image numbers,such as P1010199.JPG show up at the bottom of the edit screen, but no pictures appear. What am I doing wrong?



7 years ago

So, I'm assuming that you're clicking select files, adding what you like, tagging them (if you want), and then clicking upload. What happens when you do all of that? Is it possible you didn't click on upload?

If that's not your problem, could you take a screenshot of what your seeing, so I can better help. Also, what web browser are you using?



Reply 7 years ago

I'm not the OP, but I am having a similar problem. I created and published this quick guide:


When I view it, I do not see the image I uploaded (an illustration of the word "bed" with a mattress drawn on it). When I try to edit the guide, I see that the image is attached. Please see the screenshot of the edit screen with this message. I did upload the image and it shows as attached to this instructable. The image is a jpg and I did not receive any errors when uploading the image. Am I missing something?