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Adding yellow comment boxes to pictures Answered

I'm having an issue adding those yellow comment boxes to pictures.  It seems it only let me add one set to one picture.  Also, the yellow box that it does allow stays inplace through all my photos.  I have to exit out of my instructable and go back in to get it to dissapear.

Now its gotten worse and no matter what step i go to, it will only show my introduction statement. i cannot edit all the other text.



8 years ago

I have also had problems with the yellow text boxes and editing instruction text. This seems to be a browser or OS compatibility issue. I have to load the pictures and steps on one computer and then add the yellow text boxes and do any editing on a different computer.


8 years ago

The new editor is being buggy if you have symbols in the title.

If that doesn't work,contact Dworley.