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Adhesive for gluing plastic bead on wood ? Answered

What is great adhesive for gluing plastic beads on wood ?
Epoxy glue? I also thinked super glue.
I would like to glue plastic bead center of wooden pendant.
Is anyone done this before?



4 years ago

plastic bread?


Reply 4 years ago

ROFL In that case any good glue will do except super glue.

Use a small drill to provide a small "dint" in the wood with a similar diameter than the bead.
This makes sure it stays where you want it and provide much more suface area for the glue.

Shoe glue is not bad but for smaller beads I would still prefer the 2K glue as it is clear and gives you the option to fill the hole and simply press the beads in place.

If you need fast results use a 5-minute glue, for bigger project take the stuff that takes a few hours to set as otherwise you have to work really fast or waste a lot of glue that is gone hard before you are finnished.

For beads with a hole I also made good progress using piano wire pieces pressed into the wood.

Very accurate placement and once the beads are in place a drop of super glue into every hole fixes them in place.

Leave the wire short enough so it is completely inside the bead and not sticking out.


4 years ago

Best option is to sand the back of the plastic and to use 2K epoxy glue.