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Adobe Flash Virus ? Answered


I have an imac.

This appeared a few days ago and sits over any youtube or embedded video clip.

I have run a full system scan using Sophos but it gave the all clear.

I cleared all my cookies.

I've clicked Deny but  it stayed there.

I've looked up imrworldwide.com but it all seems to relate to PC'c.

Has anyone with a Mac had this problem and, if so,  what did you do.

Thank you



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Best Answer 6 years ago

Its not a virus, that's just the setting manager for adobe flash wanting to store images on your computer. Click deny, it will return to the settings page, tick the "Don't ask again box" then the "Close" button" and It will go away.


Answer 6 years ago

Dear Burf,

Thanks for your help.

I did click ' Deny ' several million times but nothing ever happened and it just froze the player.

I previously had looked upimrworldwide.com and lots of people seem to have a problem with it either not going away or coming back as soon as they have deleted the cookie. ( It stands for Internet media and market research company.

It was the IMR thing that made me suspicious.

It stayed on my computer even after deleting all cookies.

But since posting this and you replying it has gone away all by itself.

Kind Regards



6 years ago

There were 2 new updates just released to Flash, I suspect one of the problems it addressess is this one. Also Apple just released the update to IOS 7 that fixes a lot of bugs. You should update that also.