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Adobe ..... unable to load module - How to fix the start problem in regards to the video driver Answered

I had to install Adobe Premier for a friend with no real clues.
Anyway, all was good and registered but the first start was aborted with an error stating that a module for the graphics card could not be loaded.
The misleading suggestion underneath, stating to updated the graphics driver was of little use as the latest Nvidia driver was already installed.
A support request with Adobe gave the suggestion to fully uninstall all Adobe products, using their clean up tool.
After that a reboot and fresh install of all.
You guessed it, Premier CC would still refuse to start with the same error.
Google was of no use this time but a system check revealed the fix:
Premier was trying to load quite a few things but some have been blocked by the virus scanner for no good reason.
After setting exceptions for the problematic files I also checked the firewall and gave full access to all Adobe Premier related tasks.
And sure enough there was no error message anymore!

So if your Adobe product fails to start with an error in regards to being unable to load a module you might want to disable your virus scanner and firewall to check if they are to blame.
I hope this might help all those lost with no useful support.


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