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Adruino soundboard-ish-thing? Answered

I want to make a machine that, when a button is pressed, one of the Seinfeld bass lines plays
I imagine adruino would work with this but im not sure how
is the possible? plausible? feasible?
is there a better way to do it?



8 years ago

There are many products in stores which can do exactly that, both in standalone ICs than need to be connected to speakers, buttons, etc., and assembled ones such as this one from radioshack:


All you have to do is hold the record button while you play the line out of a pair of speakers.

Sticking it into a re-painted "That was Easy" button makes for an attractive case, and an easy and fast way to play it back



8 years ago

There is a sound "shield" for the Arduino, so it could certainly do the job. Or there might be a way to convince an existing MP3 player to do it for you. Or you might want to look at the Instructables on modifying existing sound-playback toys.