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Advanced, complicated folding-type hinges? Answered

I'm working on converting a panel van into a perfect, optimal full-time living space. It needs a permanent bed which I want to make use of the otherwise wasted cab area (since I won't be driving and sleeping at the same time). When driving, I want it flat against the ceiling and to sleep I want it to fold down between the dash and the back of the seats - a cutout for the top if the steering wheel is fine.

This involves moving it through a very specific path through space with a mechanism along the same lines as the folding rotation of a sofa bed. I would like to know what joints are available so that I can figure out the correct combination for the required movement but I can't even find the names of them. "Complex hinges" doesn't seem to bring up anything useful. Any suggestions?





6 months ago

Good thought. There are over-cab beds and it should be okay so long as it locks out of the way and doesn't affect the structural integrity but I'll definitely look into that.



7 months ago

Best suggestion:
Check with your local road authorities first.
In most countries such modifications are not legal.
Firstly you would have to mount on structural parts of the vehicle, secondly your bed will be classified as a potential hazard.
If you happen to be qualified to provide a certifacte of vehicle safety it will be fine, but something tells me you are not one of these guys ;)

Your road authority will be able to provide the guidelines and info you need so you can judge what is possible and what not.
From there we can start to work on something that won't cost you your license ;)