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Advice building a li po USB battery pack? Answered

Hello, I have 8 of these batteries - they are li po 3.7v 1100mah. each one is good and shows 4.16v to 4.17v on a multi meter. my question is how can I connect these together to make a battery pack I can use to charge my phone at festivals? links to ebay items would be a great. would connecting them all in parallel to a USB charge circuit work? advice would be a huge help. Thanks! Battery image = http://i67.tinypic.com/iz0rk0.jpg


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5 years ago

4S2P. That is, 4 in series, 2 parallel. Then feed that into a buck converter that can handle 16.8V.

OR, all of them in parelell and use a boost converter. In that case, charging will be much easier at the cost of efficency.