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Advice for a three-LED circuit w fading changes Answered

Hey folks,

I'd like to put together a circuit with three LEDs, all different colours, and the ability to fade between them at will. It's for a Sims costume, so the LEDs will be about a foot above my head in an enclosed and I'll need to conceal the switch somewhere on my person, like a pocket or under a shirt. I know pretty much zero about practical electronics, so I don't even know what terms to search with. If anyone can point me towards an existing instructable, or even just give advice on what components I might need to use, that would be sweet :)

Edited to add: because I know nada about electronics, I'd like to be able to do this with simple components. I know this could be done with an arduino, but I can count the number of times I've soldered with one hand, and my last programming was on my TI graphing calculator.


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8 years ago

This will cover your needs.

6 Button RGB Controller.

You don't need to use an RGB LED, you can use separate Red, Green and Blue LEDs but if your looking for color blending so the overall output is that color you want then stick with an RGB. Everything you need for this project can be found at radio Shack if you live in the US.