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Advice from Brian Jewett- rusting a bathroom counter top to look like one on the website!? Answered

Hi, I'm going to rust a 5' by 2' carbon steel countertop for my rustic, ranch bathroom.  It's being fabricated and will be ground off and ready to go.  I've got copper wire in some muriatic acid, I have a sack of rock salt and vinegar.  I've heard I can put the mixture on cardboard, and apply it that way.  (I'm being very careful....)
First, I live in Wyoming.  Should I do this in a heated mudroom (16' X 16') or is this strictly outdoor only?  On a sunny day? it freezes at night. I'd like to finish this bathroom before a busy summer-
Anyway, I've seen on the 'net I can get an overall rusty appearance.  Without telling too many trade secrets, can you advise me on achieving some "artistic" elements?  I'm not going in the business-
I plan on using the penetrol and then sealing with spray poly (?).  I guess if this isn't going to work for a bathroom, someone should shoot me now.
Thanks, the "sheepherdess"


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8 years ago

You're more likely to get an answer from Brian if you ask him directly.

Go to his orange board (link below) and click on the "Private Message" button.