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Aeroponics Answered

I hope my mom doesn't see this, its going to be her birthday gift hopefully ;D. I was looking around instructables for good projects for my garden-loving and food-growing mom, and noticed several hydroponic systems. They all looked nice, but I noticed one thing: they all used the nutrient-film or submerged plant technique. I'm no expert, but this seemed bad for the roots. Rot, anyone? I recalled a system I had seen at Walt Disney World in the distant past (OK, 4 years ago :P), where plants roots passed through a nutrient-laden mist. This seemed a better solution to me, allowing the best nature of hydroponics to take root (no pun intended lol): supplying the roots with nutrients while allowing them to breathe and supporting them. I thought about how to create the mist and it hit me: a hose sprayer. Most sprayers nowadays come with an adjuster nozzle to change the flow, so if one were to move it to "mist" position, tape down the handle and attach it to a large submersible pump on a timer, you have a cheap aeroponics system. I'll be writing an instructable when I can, so stay tuned for updates.


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CA 117
CA 117

10 years ago

I think its called an air wick automatic sprayer.


11 years ago

Hmm, just curious but I don't believe submerged roots grow rot, otherwise my mum's entire hydroponics system (about 2 square metres) wouldn't last very long, but I hope your idea works out.

Just a thought though, have you seen those aerosol thingos (forgive me please, I haven't seen one in a while) which is an aerosol can inside a plastic outter shell, with a small switch showing every 15 minutes, half hour or hour. Choose your setting and every chosen increment of time it releases the perfume.

Maybe if you got your hands on one of them you could use it to your advantage?
I'm sorry I don't have any clearer description of what it is or an image, if my memory comes back then I'll get a picture of it if I can.

Hope it turns out alright!