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After doing a search internally I get logged off Answered

After doing a search on Instructables Google Search API I get logged off and I cannot get logged back on. The Page that appears does not recognize me as a member of Instructables. I have to close and reopen browser or open new browser tab.



8 years ago

OK - some clarification is in order.

1) go to instructables but don't sign in.
2) Use the site search and find an 'ible.
3) Try to log in while at that 'ible. - it does not work for me.


Reply 8 years ago

I just followed your steps and it's working fine for me. We've been having some issues with keeping people logged in this past week though, and got the fix up yesterday. So please clear your cache, and double check to see if you're still having this problem. Thanks!


Reply 8 years ago

mhm! I swear this has been happening for the last 2-3 days. But I tried my steps again after clearing my cache, as suggested, and it worked.