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 I was going to buy an Air Soft Gun. But I'm really confused which one should I buy. My play style is less-hiding and do more tactic moves. I prefer to shoot in a long range, but using burst-fire weapons. I was going to buy UMP-45 or MP7, but those submachine guns are less-accurate. My friend suggest me to buy AKA 47. Any other suggestions? 


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10 years ago

i dont reccomend Kapowwe.com their prices are bull and they dont really care about their customers as much as Evike does.
Airsoft forum is a fantastic site where you can look what other airsofters around the country have put their upgraded and custom weapons and gear up for a fanatical price (really good, i can get a new body of my M16 for literatly $5)
i also saw a Tokyo Marui (Greatest Japanese brand in airsofting) M4 for $180 but its a great idea to get Paypal if you want to buy safely and securely.
Gear: now as i said, buying sporting good store gear makes you look like a noob, i got my real army surplus camo pants for $10 at Armysurpluswarehouse.com. and i just wear that and a white t shirt to keep cool also get combat boots as forest wars tend to be very muddy and require a tougher grip sole.

now i can totally deduce that you learned everything you know about guns from COD or something right? and the idea that SMGs in airsoft are less accurate, well in the CQB areas that i play in the longer the barrel the better but ive seen some good shots come from a cheap MP5.
Teach these to your comerades and in a couple years of playing around in games i promise you will have a beastly team.
-Sincerly, the North Texas Airsoft team PolskaLegia.


10 years ago

I am an experienced Airsofter, im not fond of starter people but i should stop being so... whatever, allright heres some tips.
make sure when you buy your first high end gun you DO NOT use .12g BBs at ANY EXEPTION, ESPECIALLY ANYTHING AND I MEAN ANYTHING FROM CROSMAN!!! my favorite kind of BBs to use are .23 and higher gram weight BBs from king arms or TSD is great.

Guns: whatever gun suits you best, you should probably find a gun that you know a bit about (use http://world.guns.ru/main-e.htm THIS SITE TOUGHT ME A CRAP LOAD OF STUFF ABOUT GUNS) try and find a gun that you will never get tired of the looks, and if you do then listen to this next step
PICK A GUN THAT CAN BE MIXED AND MATCHED! for example i have a JG M16a2 and i didnt like the look after a while, so i got a cheap conversion kit and i took off the carrying handle and put on a cut down sight on it. thats something that you CANNOT do with an AK, well you can but you have a lot less options at a much higher price. Dont buy your guns from a sporting goods store, that just proves how much of a noob you like to look like. lol

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i reccomend EXTREMLY!!:
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