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AirDog: World's First Auto-Follow Drone for GoPro Answered

Hey everyone! I wanted to tell you about this new awesome thing called AirDog.

AirDog is the world's first auto-follow drone for GoPro camera that follows and films you autonomously, so you don’t need to rely on filmmaking crew to get breathtaking views. Forget about remote control operation – Airdog is a unique solution for action sports or anything else you wish to film without actually holding your GoPro. Here you can see our AirDog in action: http://bit.ly/AirDogVideo

Have a look at our Kickstarter page: http://bit.ly/KickstartAirDog
It would mean a world to us if you could support it or spread the word on your websites. Let’s make a revolution in drone-made photos and videos together!

There are four major AirDog advantages:
1. It is tested and working prototype ready for production.
2. It will be the first commercial product of its kind in the market from November 2014.
3. It has AirLeash - waterproof GPS device tracking your movement with a significantly better signal than smartphones.
4. Two years of R&D invested into the creation of a working prototype to get the best possible solution.

We'll be thrilled to hear from you! If you want to know more, don't hesitate to ask us anything - dita@airdog.com

Best regards,
Dita Team Airdog


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