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Airbrush compressor TC-20, how many watts??? Answered

Hi guys,

i recently bought a mini compressor for cake decorating.

Its a "ABD TC-20" and i bought it at TCPglobal.

Problem is, i dont know how many Watts it uses!

You see, i bought it as a pressent for my wife.
"Nice? Yes!"
"Bought with my nose and not my brain? Yes!

Im living in Holland, and our network works on 220volt at 50Hz.
The compressor i bought works on american standerd, 110volt at 60hz.

So i need a converter to make the machine work without frying its circuits...
If i buy a converter specificaly for this machine, it has to have the right amount of Watts.
i know, i can buy a converter that handles Watts in the range of 1000Watts, cuzz more watts on a converter is better, but than i'd have to buy one thats quite expensive.
Because if the compressor only uses, lets say, 50 watts, i could buy one that has a max of about 100 / 150 for a waaaay lesser price than the one thats more powerfull.
It would be 50EU for the smaller converter against 200EU or more for the bigger one.

So, if you happen to know something on this subject, i would be more than happy with any info you've got ;-)


At the moment i wrote this, the package is stil on its way from america to my house.
So i dont have a box or machine sticker to sneak the info i need from...


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8 years ago

Looking at it, less than 200W.

All you need is a transformer.



Reply 8 years ago

Ok, do you have a same compressor?
I really need this info BADLY!

I found a transfomrer that can handel 500Watts, for less than i thought.
i guess it should be enough right?


Reply 8 years ago

Its a baby-sized compressor, 500 W will be more than enough.


Reply 8 years ago


i bought the transformer, no the waiting game starts for both arrivals ;-)