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Aircraft comm system Answered

I work on jets for a living and there are many times that we are stuck on the comm system for hours at a time running up operational checks. What I have done is taken a female and male comm jack and spliced in a headphone jack so I can listen to music. It works fine when I am not plugged into the jet, I can hear the music in my head set. But what I want is to plug it in to the comm system and have everyone on comm hear the music. So here are the two problems I have "they should have the same answer" I need the music playing in my headphones not to travel back to the source and I need the music I pipe into the mic end not to turn my mic into a speaker. I have a basic understanding of electronic principle so is all I need 2 diodes? Just looking for some help.



6 years ago

There are probably OSHA rules against distractions and it's bad enough the guy was chewing bubble gum while checking out the plane I was going to fly in. Besides, who died and made you master DJ to pipe in the muzak - that's life on the outside. Anyway, wouldn't that keep your comm channel active all the time possibly blocking the other users? I would think you need something more advanced that switches your headphone to listen to music and break when the real talk comes through. You also need to prevent any feedback so you don't get that talk-radio echo delay.


Reply 6 years ago

You can all speak at the same time on the system, so I can play the music in the background and it shouldn't keep anyone from talking.