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Airgunners, help me out picking a caliber. Answered

So, for V-Day, my lovely wife is getting me a QB78. Well, I'm torn between getting the .177 or the .22 caliber.  So I was hoping for an (informed) opinion on which caliber to get.



7 years ago

i would get the one from cabelas that can change between .22 and .177

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8 years ago

I guess there aren't many airgunners here.

Well, It's here, got it last night, put about fifty rounds through it so far.

Impressions (for a $90 chinese gun)

Fit and finish are very good, there is actually some grain and curl in the stock, it' probably birch but not a bad piece.

The metal parts are very good, the action is stiff but I think it will wear in well in a few hundred rounds. The bolt handle is uncomfortably shaped, but can be replaced.

Trigger is EDM'd out of thick aluminum.  Comfortable but crunchy.

Accuracy is wonderful, off hand at 10 yards five shot groups can be covered with a nickel, that's with the open sights, I'll add a scope and should be able to do better.

What needs to be done.
I'm going to disassmble the trigger group and polish with rouge.
Add a scope
and it I ever feel brave.
There are lots of power mods online.

So am i happy?
Heck i'm thinking of buying a  second.

The only negative, is USPS dumped it on the counter at my wifes work and left it, even thou I payed extra for signature required.

Sounds like you got a nice little toy. What do you mean by the handle being uncomfortable? Is it too short or too small? You should try your accuracy at least 30 yards to zero it in before you install a scope. But off hand at 10 with a small grouping like that is pretty good so you may not have to adjust it much. Good luck if you do any power mods, I've never tried any myself. I think I like having one that works better than one that MAY not. I know how my luck is LOL!

I finally had some time to do some upgrades.
I replaced the bolt handle with a longer one, polished all the contact points in the trigger group and lubed with molybdenum disulfide and polished the bolt and hammer.

Tried a couple of power mods, I shimmed the hammer spring with pex tubing and bored out the bolt probe to about 3/16ths. FPS went from 530 to 780 and the energy went from 9 ft-lb to 19 ft-lb using Crosman Premiers.

Love this thing.


Sweet! Looks like you've extended your effective shooting range a bit too. How much the bolt handle cost ya?

Yeah, I'm happy.

It's both too short and oddly shaped (and ugly),

Unfortunately I live in a city which bans projectile launching "things". So I'm limited to 10 yards by necessity, I could go out to the range, but then I'd take the big guns ;-). I'll probably chicken out on the power mods for a while.

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Reply 8 years ago

For what it's worth, I prefer .177, and I prefer the break barrel, single shot pump design. I have a Crossman Quest 100X that I use for getting my plink on, and shoot .22lr and .308 Win at the range
If you want a .22, get a real .22 LR rifle, a Ruger 10/22 or Marlin 60 don't cost much more than a good air gun.
That said, there are some amazing airguns out there. chambered in .30 and higher. Almost all are precharged guns that you use scuba tanks to refill.

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Reply 8 years ago

I have a Marlin 60 that i've been shooting since I was 16 ;-). And that brings us back to the having to drive to the range to plink issue.

Someday i'll pick up a Quackenbush or Sam Yang (except they're so ugly), shame they don't make the big bore Dragonslayer anymore.

I've never cared for the break barrels, they seem inherently inaccurate from an engineering stand point.

KentsOkayTool Using Animal

Reply 8 years ago

Sam Yangs are epic.

At the ranges I find myself shooting air guns, I'm not terribly worried about accuracy.