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Airsoft scope? Answered

I am wondering if I got a good deal. I bought a 2.5x 32mm hunting scope for $5. Also what mounts do I need to attach it to a standard airsoft R.I.S. rail system?



8 years ago

If the scope works, $5 is a great price for a scope. The mounting rings will cost more than that. Doesn't airsoft stuff use a picatinny style mounting rail? You should be able to get the right scope rings at any gun shop.


Answer 8 years ago

Pictainny rails are RIS rails, and even if they weren't you probably could interchange between the two as they rely on the same principal.
And to buy one of these mounts I suggest typing in "RIS rail mount" onto eBay (or online shop equivalent) or just bring your gun sight into your local shop that sells airsoft parts and ask for a Pictainny rail mount for your sight. (it might be useful to bring your gun in as well, so you can see if the mounts fit).
and yes $5 is an epic price for a sight, here in england the lowest I have seen them like that is £11. and for the price of the mounts you are looking at any price between $3 to $50 -(for decent ones).