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Alesis Nanoverb: Effects Unit or new Project Box? You decide Answered

Hi Everyone,
Well I posted this as an Instructable, but someone pointed me to the forum, so here I am.

My Alesis Nanoverb hasn't worked in a while. Initially it just made wall warts stop working. But at some point, it stopped powering on. Since I have minimum skills with electronics and have only recently started to solder together my own altoids tin light w/LEDs, I thought I should ask for help from the sages in the forum.

I posted the instructable at: https://www.instructables.com/id/ERP4FYR1NAEWUSLQ0W/

Any advice you could give would be helpful. For example, where do I test it with the voltsmeter to see if it's got continuity? Which selection on the voltsmeter do I use for continuity? Etc.

I've provided pictures of the guts and a picture of me testing the Nanoverb.



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