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"All steps" option doesn`t work in Opera browser. Answered

Hello! I`m experiencing the following problem:

When logged in my account and viewing an instructable, I could cycle through the steps only or download the instructable as PDF. When clicking on the "All steps" icon, my browser refreshes and displays step 1 each time. I must click on the "Next step" button to view the instructable. It seems that this bug appears only to my Opera browser, since FireFox and Google Chrome are displaying the whole instructable, when clicking on the "All steps" icon.
Currently I`m using Opera 10.63 on Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS (Lucid Lynx) 64bit (core version 2.6.32-25).



8 years ago

You do not have a paid account. The All-Steps option is only available to paid users.


Reply 8 years ago

I`m not sure did you understand the whole report, but as I wrote - I COULD see all steps in other browsers except in Opera. So you`re trying to tell me that if I`d like to see all steps in Opera (because this problem is only with that browser), I must pay? Well, I`m sure that in this case, we`re talking about bug - this feature WORKS for other browsers, but doesn`t for Opera.